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"Life is all about experience,share,care and alturism"-Dayal

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“Being true with each & every person is the hardest choice ,we have ever made in our life..”-Dayal

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#Faith or Fate

“Faith comes internally with grace & belief, whereas fate comes with probability which has power to change our destiny.”

#Life – My Life Blog

“Opportunities never comes knocking  our doorway with a remainder , we have to earn it or produce it.”

#Forgiveness Or Revenge – My Life Blog

Rise yourself above revenge that is forgiveness which will make you more humble & strong enough in some or other way

#Love – My Life Blog

Love increases belongingness Ego creates seperation.

#Doubt – My Life Blog

Doubt is a self-destructive weapon which can destory our inner motive.

Communication – My Life Blog

Do communicate with each other but it should be like, we should listen to understand not listen to reply others without understanding.

#Sunrise #Mob photography – My Life Blog

Goals – My Life Blog

Don’t decrease your goals increase your commitments.

Expectation – My Life Blog

Expectations makes man greedy sometime…but at the same time if the same expectations are not fulfill by others it will surely hurt you alot..Don’t live your life just keep expecting anything from others..just believe in yourself and try your best to give others what they deserve or what they seeking for“.

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