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"Life is all about experience,share,care and alturism"-Dayal

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“Being true with each & every person is the hardest choice ,we have ever made in our life..”-Dayal

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#Love or Haterd – My Life Blog

“Love is  a good constructor, whereas Haterd is a good destructor”.
Choose wisely because  we get life once to live it till the fulliest possible way but for the welfare of humanity & our society…

#Mind – My Life Blog

“Our State Of Mind reflects what type of Peace of Mind, we are carrying away with us in our life.”

#Faith or Fate

“Faith comes internally with grace & belief, whereas fate comes with probability which has power to change our destiny.”

#Life – My Life Blog

“Opportunities never comes knocking  our doorway with a remainder , we have to earn it or produce it.”

#Forgiveness Or Revenge – My Life Blog

Rise yourself above revenge that is forgiveness which will make you more humble & strong enough in some or other way

#Love – My Life Blog

Love increases belongingness Ego creates seperation.

#Doubt – My Life Blog

Doubt is a self-destructive weapon which can destory our inner motive.

Communication – My Life Blog

Do communicate with each other but it should be like, we should listen to understand not listen to reply others without understanding.

#Sunrise #Mob photography – My Life Blog

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