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"Life is all about experience,share,care and alturism"-Dayal

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“Being true with each & every person is the hardest choice ,we have ever made in our life..”-Dayal

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#World – My Life Blog

Don’t give your excuses that world is not perfect for you.



Don’t give a reason instead try to change the world not in a good way but in a better way. – Dayal

#Good Presence of Mind – My Life Blog

Achieving good presence of mind doesn’t mean that one should only focus on self; It is more of improvising to any situations & acting on doable things.

– Dayal

#Faith – My Life Blog

Faith is an invisible entity which cannot be feel, but it can be experienced through grace effectively while following path of spirituality or By doing good deeds for others selflessly.

– Dayal

#Luck & Opportunity – My Life Blog

“Some people will always try to related opportunity and luck as a combined factors to achieve success, but truth is that opportunity is created,given or taken by others & there is no such thing in this world which can help to boost/Increase/Shine your luck; Its just our belief system which human have created to make themselves happy.” – Dayal

Note:luck believer folks can skip this post😇

#Acceptance – Part of our life -My Life Blog

Accept pain, misery and failures these all are part of our life which will always help us to uplift ourselves;make us grow and groom us in many possible ways.” – Dayal

#Fate – My Life Blog

“Accept your fate it is inevitable.”

#Past..Present..Future – My Life Blog

Dear Past,

Thanks for your lessons that me made humble,strong and ;I am grateful for that because its helped me live in present moment and be less worried about my future. – Dayal

#Acceptance – My Life Blog

“Things which breaks us every time eventually will make us more strong in many ways”.


#Life – My Life Blog

“You cant wish to have everything in your life all at one time, sometime we just have to live with truth & truth is beautiful thing accept it and move on”.

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