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"Life is all about experience,share,care and alturism"-Dayal

Ego & Life – My Life Blog

“When your Ego overtakes your inner peace it will make more noise and one day you will find yourself in a state of chaos”

– Dayal

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#Commitment – My Life Blog

“The person who always stucks to his commitments is the person who obeys is own words”

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“Being true with each & every person is the hardest choice ,we have ever made in our life..”-Dayal

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Maturity – My Life Blog

“Your level of maturity will never match up with your level of experience gained ,it will always be like one goes up and one goes down”.

– Dayal

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#Burden &Guilty -My Life Blog

Sometime its better to forgive a person & make them free from the burden of their own guilty”..It will help them to move on in their life.


Peace of mind – My Life Blog

Peace of mind is all about being yourself by surrendering your thoughts to divine.”

– Dayal

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#Life – My Life Blog

“Don’t wait for life to be hard on you by any mean that you forget to live your life happily.”

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#Love – My Life Blog

Love is purest form of emotion has dual nature.

“Love can always bring two possibilities in our life it can either give us happiness or can give us misery for lifetime”.

– Dayal

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#Past..Present..Future – My Life Blog

Things one should accept and move on..

Acceptance your past as its a lesson or experience that will help us to overcome difficulties .

Accept your self awareness as your present it will helps us to take active decisions.

Don’t think too much about your future as your present outcome of actions will be built it in form of result. – Dayal

Note:Its hard to digest but can make few things simpler in our life.

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Tolerance and Acceptance – My Life Blog

“Tolerance and acceptance both comes with judgement & seperation.”

– Dayal

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