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October 2016


#Rangoli decoration# Diwali occassion#phone photography

Thanks to my lovely sis karishma  and nital  decorating such a lovely rangoli

Pre rangoli pic in day light

After lightening diwas in night

Pre rangoli decoration in  day light..

#Happy Diwali #Be safe # Stay alive#

Diwali festival is expressing  our joy by lightening our house and decorating   it with flowers ,praising goddess laxmi and celebration of the victory over the darkness..happy diwali guys

#Nature Meets Divine #Nature Lover #Mobile Photography


This snap was taken by me real quick as the  sun was rising and I was just waiting to take the beautiful pictures of our mother nature.

After sometime I was really  not satisfied by my clicks , so i decided to move further to take some rest  near the huge tree’s of  Mangoes which is  in  my own farm .

I   was stalking here and there looking  for best angle view to grab at least one good snap from  our mother nature earth,suddenly i saw this beautiful view where sun rays are passing through the tree cutting and making space for its own to reach the surface ,as if it has decided to by-pass all the obstacles and completed its journey to reach on earth at the end & I seized the opportunity to grab this view..

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#Love Runs the world#

​”Acceptance in love must come with sacrifice&surrender”…

#Blaming others  have became part our Life#

The day we stop blaming others in our life at that very moment ,we start taking our own responsibility.


# Let Acceptance be natural #

Acceptance comes when we actually accept the Truth or Facts or when we become option-less..

#sunrise #view #phone photography#

As a nature lover  ,I usually try to capture different pictures with wider angle as far as possible for me and as a amateur photographer there is lot many things to learn in case of photography,but this was the best  one i got out off  my first click..hope u like it..


if you think   that you have more problems in your life, then just try to increase your belonginess with others it is  the best solution to sort out your problems 

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