India is land of saints,holy places,historic cities and birth place of Hindu goddess and gods,where  some people blindly believe  god and saints.

When I actually visited Mahakumbh Mela ,i was amazed  the way saints where making themself comfortable by having charas,ganaja and joints etc.,so-called names giving by people to drugs types .

I wondered thinking about this all ambience created by saints at the holy place ,who is benefited in all this scenario?? the saints or innocent people who give their precious time just seek blessing from saints,but the story here is quiet different..finally it will pass the wrong message to other  people visiting there( including foreigner tourist too )

Saints  should pass the knowledgelable message to youths and other people who believed in them blindly ,after all its india(it happens only in india) still  this also  things makes india “The incredible India”…