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November 2016



#Human & Machines #Mob Click#


This  was  a quick snap taken by me in Kasara Ghat tunnel( nearby Nasik) ,this picture describes beautiful co-relation between human and machines .(My point of view)

Machines  have overcome all human needs but  there is  always a break point between both (Human&Machine) Some Human Being keep on struggling to survive the world in their natural flow & on the other hand machines  have modified human efforts  in some or  the other way into automation mode.

Post Your Comment on this pic and let me understand your’s view too.





Responsibility is neither big nor small  it  is our ego or nature which differentiate them into big one or small one.


Commitment is not  a choice which we make in our life,it’s the responsibility which brings discipline in our own life

#Line for Acceptance#

There must be always lined for acceptance in our life because other may cross it and be crossing it means giving them chance to dominate over you

#Channelization of Anger#

It is always better to channelized our anger to achieve our goals,rather than thinking to take revenge from someone..

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