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"Life is all about experience,share,care and alturism"-Dayal


​”Consequences in our life depends upon choices we had made in our life”


Forgiving any person in life  doesnt mean that he/she is weak it shows that a person is strong enough to face&accept the situation and moves on in his/her

#Let Sunday Be The Social Day#Social Work

Initiative to make our city clean&green

#Sunrise#Mob photography

Trekking is not my hobby but also  my passion and as a nature lover , i am always eager to snap nature’s scenary & greenary photo’s and   the above one  was snapped by me  near satara-parisar.


Commitment is not just a word it is the way to balance&manage  our life…


True love and faith always remains undefined​


Acceptance must be their at very the first place,because time and consequence are both inevitable they don’t wait for anyone


​Don’t try to get hold on someone who don’t even bothers to loose you –

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