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"Life is all about experience,share,care and alturism"-Dayal


Love a person as a priority not as an option



​”The pursuit of Happiness lies inside our inner world not meant to be found in outer world “.


“Always try become a keen follower of the good things in your life, but don’t get fall over just to read off other’s for the good things in your life”.


“It is alway better to keep our mind busy in chasing the future rather than struggling with our own past.”


Don’t make your life like a Remote Control it should be always self-controlled.


​”Fear is a choice  which we make in our  mind that creates an illusion and which pulls us back away from  our own victory”..


Tough Situation might last for limited time, but Tough People do last throughout in their life.


​”Consequences in our life depends upon choices we had made in our life”


Forgiving any person in life  doesnt mean that he/she is weak it shows that a person is strong enough to face&accept the situation and moves on in his/her

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